Welcome to JackBrewer.net. Jack Brewer is a five year NFL veteran, a team captain on three separate NFL teams and Founder and CEO of The Brewer Group Companies, Brewer Sports International and The Jack Brewer Foundation.


Jack Brewer is a well-known international entrepreneur and philanthropist as well as a five-year National Football League (NFL) veteran and former team captain on three NFL teams. After completing a five-year NFL career, Jack joined the Global Private Client Group at Merrill Lynch. 

After a successful career with Merrill Lynch, he became Founder and CEO of The Brewer Group Companies (TBG), a diversified global advisory firm specializing in corporate advisory, asset management, specialty finance and longevity solutions. 

TBG’s diverse clientele includes high net worth individuals, public and private corporations, NGOs and investment firms from across the United States as well as various emerging and frontier markets. Jack also serves as Founder and Executive Director of the Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF Worldwide).

Jack Brewer Named Senior Advisor to Malawi President H.E. Joyce Banda

Jack Brewer was named as a Senior Advisor by President H.E. Joyce Banda of Malawi.

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Jack Brewer Named Chair Board of Advisors of Montessori Model United Nations

This January, Jack Brewer was named as Chair Board of Advisors to the Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) program by the program's Chairman, Michael Jacobson.

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Learning Life Lessons Through Inspiring Haitian People

Though the earthquake in Haiti happened several months ago, its effects and repercussions are still being felt across the country. The NFL Players Association, in conjunction with the three other major sports unions, the Jack Brewer Foundation and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, is an active participant in the One Team 4 Haitiť campaign, which aids in the relief and recovery efforts. Jackie Shearer, programs manager for the NFLPAs Regional Directors department, recently returned from a trip to Haiti with former NFL player Jack Brewer and Voilas Gwynne Beatty; she writes about her humbling experience there.

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